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A Garden Lives within our soul,
A secret place so dear,
A quaint and lovely part of earth
That brings us beauty here.
The tulips catch the morning sun,
The air is fresh and sweet,
At evening tide the shadows fall
When day is then complete.
A garden is a garden spot
Where comfort fills our heart,
A peaceful place where quiet dwells
As each new day does start.
There's loveliness and tender faith,
As raindrops softly fall,
To bless each wondrous growing things,
As nature then stands tall.
A fragrance fills this quiet spot
With peaceful, tender bliss,
Where God looks down on each small plant
And sends an angel's kiss.
To walk and dream 'neath cotton clouds,
To feel the warmth of Spring,
And gently tuck the world away
As robins nest and sing.
There's promise in the hope we find
As seasons come and go.
The laughter of the Summer breeze,
The touch of Winter snow,
A miracle-a friendship real,
The smile that loving gives,
While every heart finds blessedness
Because a garden lives.

ęGarnett Ann Schultz

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