Nothing Compares To His Sacrifice

There are times in our lives we may feel,
Like an outcast in this world we live in,
We are ridiculed and put down by all those,
Who desire to live a life full of sin.
Because of their lack of understanding,
They reject those who choose to receive,
The gift through Jesus' death and resurrection,
To bring salvation to whoever will believe.
When those feelings of self pity overwhelm you,
As you struggle to remain faithful each day,
Remember all the things Christ endured,
For He knew there was no other way.
He was tempted; he was mocked, just as we are,
He was beaten; he was bruised for our sake,
A crown of thorns was then placed on His brow,
Before the ultimate sacrifice He would make.
His hands and His feet were then pierced,
As they nailed Him to that old wooden cross,
He was guiltless and undeserving of this punishment,
But for us He was willing to suffer loss.
As He hung there in such terrible agony,
With His blood now beginning to shed,
No greater love could have ever been expressed,
Than through the words that Jesus then said.
He could have called for the Heavenly Father,
To render just punishment for all He'd been through,
But instead He uttered, Father forgive them,
For they know not what it is that they do.
May we follow the example of our Savior,
Not focusing on our persecution and strife,
Lord, teach us to love our enemies as you do,
While we live out the remainder of this life.

© 2003 Linda Lee Wolovich

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