Glorious Spring........Glorious Spring........Glorious Spring........
Glorious Spring........
full of sweet days and flowers...........

~ Simple Joys Of Life ~....~ Simple Joys Of Life ~~ Simple Joys Of Life ~....

Waking to hear the birds sing
Daffodils and tulips appearing in spring
Raining while the sun shines
Rainbows glisten by God's design
Receiving a call from a friend so true
Listening to their point of view
Saying Good morning to our neighbors
Enjoy doing each other favors
A walk in the park, a stroll around the lake
Appreciation and love we all partake
Courtesy and respect is what we do
This way no one can misconstrue
Remember birthdays, and holidays with cards
Send to all with our best regards
Keep in prayers all we know
Many blessings we bestow
Thank you Lord for all of your treasures
You've given us many blessings in great measure
We ask for your guidance each day
In this way none of our days are gray

Joyce Ann Geyer © 2008

Do things for others and you'll find your
self-consciousness evaporating like
morning dew on a Missouri
cornfield in July
~Dale Carnegie~

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