A very special time of year
Fluffy blankets of snow are near
All the little animals snuggle in
Staying together with all their kin
Keeping warm with body heat
Eating what they stored they all meet

Winter is a blessing all nature sleeps
In spring all flowers and trees will keep
Rarely in winters warmth flowers bloom
They are tricked and think it's June
Doggies love to romp in the snow
Not very far from the warmth of home

We warm ourselves by baking and cooking
Apple strudel and pies in the making
Make great winter deserts especially warm
Never knowing when the next oncoming storm
Candles and flashlights are on hand
Getting ready for that snow band

Enjoy the weather while it's here
Memories form and are so dear
Skiing and skating are a treat
Near the fire we shall meet
Drinking hot chocolate, laughing and talking
Conversation before we go out walking

Snowing and blowing quite a chill in the air
Dressed in gloves, scarves and winter wear
Although we can't wait for spring, winter can be fun
Depends entirely on you and what you have done
So get out there and have a great time
There is a winter sport for all you'll find

© 2007 Joyce Ann Geyer
Poetry by Joyce

He heeded their prayer, because
they put their trust in Him.
1 Chronicles 5:20

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